Final 2008 Recruiting Report Card

Signing Day 2008 has come and gone and now it is time to reflect on how our Penn State Nittany Lions fared in this recruiting season.

PSU had anywhere from 15-17 scholarships available for the Class of 2008.  As of LOI Day 2008 PSU has 14 signed commitments from recruits.  At this point Terrelle Pryor is still up for grabs but there is no way of knowing when he will make a final decision.  There are apparently no other uncommitted prospects on PSU's radar for this class besides Pryor.


Signed Prospects:  none

Heading into this recruiting season Penn State had a number of areas that required addressing.  At the top of the needs list is Quarterback.  PSU didn't take  a QB in last years class, which only intensifies the need for a QB in this class.  However Penn State, one never to learn from past mistakes, put all their eggs in one basket...again.  While he is worthy of all the accolades Penn State needed to aggressively pursue a backup plan for Pryor in case he heads elsewhere.  Luckily Pryor is still a possibility for the Nittany Lions.  He is the must get of all must gets.  But if Pryor decides to go elsewhere QB recruiting cannot be considered anything but a colossal failure.

Current Grade: Incomplete
Grade with Pryor: A+
Grade without Pryor: F


Signed Prospects:  Brandon Beachum

PSU badly needed Tailbacks as well.  Going into next season they will only have 2 TBs on the roster with any game experience.  Evan Royster has shown great promise but unfortunately has also shown a propensity for being injured.  The other returning TB is lightly used Brent Carter.  PSU needed at least 2 Tailbacks in this class.

Beachum is a very good football player and should be a solid, big TB in the Tony Hunt  mold.  Beachum enrolled early and should be an early contributor.  But TB may not even be Beachums beast position.  He could be a better LB prospect.  Time will tell.  Regardless he will begin his career as a TB.

Then we have Michael Shaw.  Shaw was a long time Penn State commitment who switched to Michigan on LOI Day.  Penn State needs an infusion of speed on its roster in the worst way and Shaw was set to be the "speed guy" for this class.  His loss cannot be understated.  As badly as we wanted and needed Shaw based on the way his recruitment was handled you wouldn't know it.  Shaw's recruitment was a comedy of errors and the only thing that kept him committed to PSU so long was the fact that PSU was his "dream school."  Losing Shaw is a catastrophe.

Penn State did not fully address all its Tailback needs.

Final Grade: D+

Wide Receiver:

Signed Prospects:  A.J. Price

Serious Wide Receiver depth concerns exist at Penn State.  After next season PSU will essentially only have Chris Bell, Derek Moye, and Brett Brackett (and now Price) as WRs.  Penn State needed 2 if not 3 WRs in the class of 2008.

Penn State took striking out to a whole other level with WR recruiting in this class.  PSU started off with 5 WR targets and whiffed on all of them.  Then the staff went into scramble mode.  Luckily they were able to land Price,  who is a tall, smooth WR with good speed and excellent body control.  Price will likely redshirt to add a few pounds then should immediately become a factor in PSU's thin WR corps.

The Deion Walker situation bears mentioning here.  Walker was by all accounts a heavy Penn State lean.  Everyone, including the PSU staff, thought PSU had him.  But in the end Penn State was simply outworked for Walker.  PSU even made a late run again at Walker and tempted him...but again he snubbed the Lions in favor of Charlie Weis and the Golden Domers. 

Penn State clearly did not address all of their Wide receiver needs.

Final Grade: D-

Tight End:

Signed Prospects:  Mark Wedderburn

Penn State needed one Tight End in the class of 2008.  A second TE would have been good, but with the limited number of scholarships available (in theory anyway) only one could be taken.

Nittany Lion legacy Mark Wedderburn is a top shelf Tight End prospect who garnered many scholarship offers and after a redshirt year should develop into a good player for PSU.  He is tall, long, and athletic.  PSU focused on him fairly early and was rewarded with his signed LOI.

Penn State did what they needed to do in recruiting at the Tight end position.

Final Grade: B

Offensive Line:

Signed Prospects:  Matt Stankiewitch, Deon'tae Pannell, Mike Farrell

When starting recruiting for the class of 2008 along the offensive line one area stood out as an area of glaring need:  Offensive Tackle.  PSU needed at least 2 OTs in this class.  PSU is pretty well stocked already on the interior of the OL already but a Center prospect was needed too.

Matt Stankiewitch was PSU's first commit and is a very good looking interior OL prospect.  He can play Center of Guard and looks to have a bright future. 

Deon'tae Pannell is an intriguing prospect who is slated to play at one of the OT spots.  Pannell is reportedly athletic and aggressive.  There are some questions as to what his true height is.  Is he tall enough to play Offensive Tackle?  PSU certainly hopes so.

Mike Farrell was the final OL commitment for PSU in the class of 2008.  Farrell may or may not be on scholarship (depending on who you believe) and his only other offer was from Miami-Ohio.  Farrell does have a nice frame and apparently has the size to play OT.  But does he have the athletic ability?  The fact that he didn't have any other BCS offers is troubling.

Penn State did not successfully address all their Offensive Line needs.

Final Grade:  D

Defensive Line:

Signed Prospects:  James Terry, Pete Massaro, Jack Crawford, Brandon Ware

Penn State has a nice collection of young defensive linemen on its current roster and the needs there for the class of 2008 were for depth purposes.

James Terry was a surprise early verbal.  Terry is a project who didn't attract a lot of recruiting attention.  He'll have to drop some weight.  Terry can definitely be called a project.

Pete Massaro was another kid who was a surprise offer.  He will be a defensive end for Larry Johnson.  Massaro will be a certain redshirt and is another kid who didn't have any other big offers.  

Jack Crawford is a raw yet ultra athletic kid who really could excel at Tight End or Defensive End.  Crawford has great speed  for a 6'5 260 lb kid.   Crawford has only played football for a short time so a redshirt will be necessary.  But expect him to be a good one down the road at whichever position he settles. 

Brandon Ware was a late addition to the class of 2008.  Ware was offered after a few other prospects dropped of the radar.  Ware is not a "reach" by any stretch though.  He is a project in the sense that he had to lose some weight and improve his conditioning.  But Ware has quick feet and is impressively strong.  Ware also is a certain redshirt and should become a solid contributor down the road. 

Notice a trend with PSU's Defensive Line in the Class of 2008?  Projects abound.  On paper and for the purposes of class evaluation this group is sub par.  Penn State should be attracting to end defensive linemen.  Especially when you consider how many DL that PSU puts into the NFL.  But I will give Coach Larry Johnson the benefit of the doubt.  He has proven again and again that he is a master of identifying and developing young talent.  But that being said outside of Crawford (who might be a TE anyway) major questions abound with this DL class.

You can say that PSU addressed their Defensive Line needs, but they didn't do so with the best quality talent.  LJ Sr will earn his keep with this group.

Final Grade:  D-


Signed Prospects:  Mike Zordich, Mike Mauti, Mike Yancich

Linebacker is arguably the deepest position on the roster already.  For the purposes of the class of 2008 Penn State needed to grab an Inside Linebacker and add depth to the already deep LB corps.

Mike Zordich is a hard nosed Nittany Lion legacy with the skills and instincts to help the team next year.  He is tough, physical, strong, and has a nose for the football.   Zordich can also play Fullback if necessary.   Zordich looks the part of a prototypical Big 10 MLB.

Mike Yancich is an ultra athletic OLB whose stock "blew up" last spring and garnered offers from all over.  He was an excellent high school Tailback and can really cover ground sideline to sideline.  Yancich is a future OLB and should also be a special teams stalwart.

Mike Mauti looks to be the next in line to carry on the tradition of Linebacker U.  Mauti, an Army All American, has the total package.  Size, speed, instincts, and he plays with a mean streak.  Mauti sheds blocks in ways only the great ones do.  Think Dan Connor with an extra step speed wise.  Mauti has already enrolled and is expected to make an early impact next season.

With arguably the best LB class in the nation (behind possibly only Miami) Penn State addressed all needs here.

Final Grade: A+

Defensive Back:

Signed Prospect:  D'Anton Lynn

Penn State badly needs Cornerbacks and needed to take at least 2 in the class of 2008.  Additionally they needed at least one safety.

The only Defensive Back that Penn State signed was Texas standout D'Anton Lynn.  Lynn is the bell cow of this class (barring Pryor committing).  He is a quick and powerful Corner who could end up as a Safety in time.  Lynn garnered scholarship offers from top programs across the country.  Expect Lynn to make an immediate impact next season.

But where are the other CBs?  PSU didn't seem to even target may defensive backs for some reason.  Considering the lack of positional depth it really is a head scratcher.

Lynn is a great get and the staff deserves kudos for keeping him in the fold, but Penn State failed to fully address their needs in the defensive backfield.

Final Grade:  C


There is no way not to consider this recruiting class a total failure.  Yes Penn State got a great LB group.  That is great.  Yes PSU got a couple other excellent prospects.  But the undeniable facts are that PSU did not address the areas of need that exist within the program. 

Where is the speed in this class?  Where are the playmakers?  Where are the instant impact kids on offense? 

Penn State is doing a very poor job at developing depth at positions where skill talent resides.  Why is that?  It seems like skill kids are avoiding PSU like the plague. 

Barring a miracle finish with Terrelle Pryor Penn State will have gone 2 full season without recruiting a QB.  That is unfathomable.  Big time schools simply do not and can not do that.  Despite the attempts that undoubtedly will come, there is no spinning this.  It is a ridiculous failure of epic proportions.

Can anyone believe that Penn State of all places can't recruit top Tailbacks anymore?  This is freaking Penn State!  Tailbacks used to fall over themselves for a scholarship offer from PSU.  Nowadays the Nittany Lions are an afterthought for top TBs in the region.

The uncertainty that exists at Penn State right now regarding the coaching situation is killing recruiting.  The fact that the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator basically do not recruit is killing this program.  Consistently anemic offenses are killing the program.  The perception that the best players don't always play at PSU is killing the program.  Sadly, the bottom line in all of this is that Joe Paterno is killing this program.

This recruiting class is a microcosm of the issues that exist at Penn State.  Defensive prospects and offensive suspects.  Although Penn State has missed out on so many offensive targets altogether that the term suspects really doesn't even apply.    In many cases PSU can't even attract suspects anymore on offense.    Losing recruits to schools like UConn, Illinois, Pitt et al simply shouldn't happen at Penn State.  Penn State SHOULD be too good a program for that.  But that is what PSU has become.  A middle of the pack program that is basically dead in the water while waiting for a change at the top.

Final Overall Grade for the Class of 2008:  D

There is no excuse for PSU to finish with a class like this.  NONE.


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  • 2/7/2008 9:48 AM Expert Recruiter wrote:
    You are certainly opinionated and more deserving of my expert recruiter title.What is it you do for a living?The college football world is greatly in need of your outstanding knowledge.
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    1. 2/7/2008 10:05 AM Anonymous wrote:
      Penn State got zero difference makers on offense, and in todays age, you need to score to win.

      I don't agree with the DL grade though. I think Crawford sticks at DE, Ultimately think that Ware will be a very serviceable 1 technique DT (too short to play OL), and Massaro has a motor that never quits.

      We had limited schollies to give, and I think PSU did a fairly good job here, I'm not a fan of the Farrell offer (plan D), and there was writing on the wall about Shaw for weeks. Staff should of offered Kevin Whaley from VA. Good player, good numbers against very good competition.

      I would go with a C grade here because I think PSU signed some very good players.

      Having said that, the region is loaded next year (OH, PA, NJ, DE, and MD) with skill athletes. The sooner they announce a succession plan, the better off PSU will be. Other wise, PSU essentially is forfeiting the 2009 recruiting season.
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      1. 2/7/2008 9:03 PM rob wrote:
        Western PA was loaded with 4 and 5 star players this past year and PSU got zip! Many such as Baldwin and Hale did not even list PSU as a school of interest. The lack of recruiting has been killing PSU for 10 years as it really shows in our lack of depth and how much NFL talent we have produced over that time. We are way behind the top 20 teams in depth and firepower. Thank God we do not play in the SEC or PSU would be thanking the MIssissippi's and Vandy only.
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    2. 2/8/2008 12:40 AM Agmines wrote:
      The reason for Penn Satte decline in wins, recruits, and prowess on and off the field is the old, feeble, stubborn, and now senile Joe Paterno.

      JoePa was great once. deserves respect and admiration, but he is now hurting the very school, program and players he use to promote and protect!

      Time to go Joe, happens to us all!
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  • 2/7/2008 10:07 AM Twister wrote:
    Spot on assessment. Another pathetic effort by JoePa and company. What happened to PSU being a national power? Instead we'll have to be content with (hopefully) being 8-4 and an also-ran in the college football world. Sad...
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  • 2/7/2008 10:33 AM WaitJustASecond wrote:
    How is TE a "B" if we got what we wanted and needed? Despite the legacy title, Wedderburn looks to be a very solid TE get. "A-" in my opinion.

    I also don't get the "D-" for the D-line. I don't think this was a position of need with this draft class, and Crawford is the real deal.

    Agreed on the rest of your rankings though. It will be very interesting to see what happens with Pryor.
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  • 2/7/2008 10:34 AM carlisle14 wrote:
    This is the best wrap-up of our class that I have seen. Losing Shaw was not excusable. One WR in the class? No QB in the class? Come on! I am disgusted. I, for one, am very tired of the excuses and the Kool Aid crowd. I refuse to accept being 5th in the B10(11) in recruiting, and second teir in the standings every year. Things need to change NOW.
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  • 2/7/2008 10:38 AM carlisle14 wrote:
    I doubt we get Pryor. If we do, I still say an A+ for this class is generous & grading on a curve. Adding Pryor to the mix will not jump us from scout's #40 ranking to the top 5 or anything. If we get him, who will Pryor throw to, hand off to, and get blockeds from? This class is an F, and with Pryor it is still a B+ at best.
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    1. 2/8/2008 10:56 AM What? wrote:
      Dude, look again. The quarterback grade jumps up to an A+ with Pryor... not the overall grade.

      Read more carefully before commenting.
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      1. 2/8/2008 1:46 PM tjb249 wrote:
        A few comments:

        1) Losing Shaw was not as big as it was for him to go to Michigan. Now we have to gameplan for him for the next 4 years. Sometimes these things happen for reasons we originally don't see. Jeremiah Young out of Steelton-Highspire HS rushed for nearly 3400yds and 37 TDs this past season as a junior. He needs just 2300yds to break James Mungro's all time rushing record for PA. Did I mention he was 8th in his class academically. I'll take this kid over Shaw any day of the week. Signing him will end this entire debate.

        2) The Pryor saga is quite interesting and PSU will have the final face-to-face contact with him. I still say he goes to OSU, but nice job by JoePa at the end here. If we don't get him, there are three very good QBs in the wings next year led by dual threat Kevin Newsome from Virginia. The other two are Tom Savage from Cardinal O'Hara in PA, MVP of the ALL American Combine in Texas, and Tate Forcier from California, a Drew Brees type QB who completed 77% of his passes as a junior. None of these are as freakish as Pryor, but they will solve our QB needs in a hurry.

        3) I think the biggest needs for us next year are at the WR & Corner positions. Playing time will be a big selling point.

        Like everyone has said in the past a sucession plan is needed. Going into the final year of his contract, Joe needs to announce something before the season. We all know he wants the next coach to be in-house and Bradley would be the obvious choice with LJ promoted to Defensive coordinator. I have heard rumors that Joe has asked for a 3 year extension, which would put him at 84yrs old at the end of that contract. Sorry, but I do not want him to see him being pushed out of the tunnel in a wheel chair. My personal preference would be to convince a certain New Jersey coach from New Brunswick to return to this old program where he was once a graduate assistant coach. This is only my preference.
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  • 2/7/2008 10:51 AM anon wrote:
    Losing Shaw looks even worse after blowing off Green. Smart move. I agree with making PSU an exclusive club that will only accept very few. It's like the night-club that everyone is waiting outside of. It looks like it must be really hot from the street because of the line out there, then when you get inside it's actually kind of empty and un-fun. Welcome to the new Penn State recruiting philosophy of exclusivity.

    Also, Say hi to Pryor if you see him on around town this weekend as it will be the last time he is here aside from OSU kicking our teeth in for the few years he is there until either getting an NCAA suspension for recruiting violations or leaping to the NFL-- whichever comes first. Enjoy.
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  • 2/7/2008 11:00 AM db in nj wrote:
    Still fuming about the Shaw and Walker situation as both those guys have great speed and are potential difference makers. If we get them then this class is pretty good absent the strike out at QB.
    I like the D Line a little better than the D grade but agree on all the others.

    If we dont pull in a top 15 class next year than 2010 and beyond doesnt look good.
    If we can somehow pull a top ten ranking next year and win a BCS game then our class will be pretty good next year. These kids flock to the winning programs
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  • 2/7/2008 11:06 AM sgt hulka wrote:
    lighten up, francis.
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  • 2/7/2008 11:24 AM 42 wrote:
    Good recap for the most part.

    I, too, disagree with the DL grade. I would give them at least a "C" based on the criteria that was established (depth).

    However, I agree that the lack of offers for DB's in puzzling. Was Bradley too busy with Pryor to take care of his own backyard? Did the loss of Norwood have some effect?

    I sometimes wonder if the coaching staff sees what we see when we look at the roster. Do they really know who they have?
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    1. 2/7/2008 1:39 PM Expert2 wrote:
      Yet another expert opinion...get back to work.
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  • 2/7/2008 12:01 PM jayer wrote:
    Pryor will make this a very good class. He is a great player at the most important postition. Not to mention the starting job is "open."
    I am not a Shaw fan. Not very productive. Didn't he only have about 700 rushing yards.We are OK at RB now.
    We are OK at WR now. Next year WR will be a position of need and we should attract some top talent looking to play early.
    Whether the "sky is falling" or the sky is a beautiful "blue and white" depends on Pryor. He is that good!He could make a PSU a "hot" team on the field and to next years 25 man class.
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  • 2/7/2008 12:28 PM duquy wrote:
    why is anyone surprised by how bad this class is? we all knew it would be for the last 3 months...losing shaw hurt, but that was 1/2 expected - it was MORE of a surprise he ever committed after the gufaw this summer with his recruitment...pryor coming would be HUGE, but don't get your hopes up. Hazelton, Green, Walker all had parents who said PSU but they all went elsewhere...see if history continues, my bet is that Pryor is buckeye - he said as much when his dad picked PSU and he picked another school
    if we change him in a week, I'll be impressed and will give credit (but doesn't it beg the question "what if joepa and galen did a better job of descriving the offense to him in november and december???")
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  • 2/7/2008 12:33 PM Fed up wrote:
    We can't do anything except complain. I wrote a letter to the editor at the Collegian. We'll see if they print it. Anyway, the only thing we can do is complain. So let's hit those media outlets even more.
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  • 2/7/2008 1:17 PM yaddayaddayadda wrote:
    Why don't you just call it your RIPport card since all you assclowns can ever do is rip the program and everything about it. Expect PSU to land Pryor and finish 2008 at 11-2 or better. Then what will you jokers have to say?
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    1. 2/7/2008 1:38 PM PSU1 wrote:
      Thank you..that is the most intelligent thing said here in a week.
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    2. 2/7/2008 1:41 PM db in nj wrote:
      Ill be doing god damn cart wheels for sure if we land TP and are 11-2 next year and im pretty certain almost everyone on this site will be also
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    3. 2/7/2008 1:46 PM Lions wrote:
      ^^^LOL, stupidity at it's finest.

      This recruiting class has zilch to do with PSU's 2008 prospects with the possible exception of RB (ie. Beachum, who btw makes the two-deep roster at RB by default before he even steps foot on campus. Some depth!!).

      And your "jokers" reference is badly misplaced. Your face needs to reintroduce itself to your mirror.
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      1. 2/7/2008 2:24 PM mhentz wrote:
        Simply for the sake of accuracy, Beachum has already stepped foot on campus. He enrolled in January. The depth chart for Spring has not yet been released but he'll probably start out 4th behind Royster, Green and Carter.
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    4. 2/7/2008 2:10 PM 17 wrote:
      I'll save your post.
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  • 2/7/2008 2:05 PM Anonymous wrote:
    The TE grade tells you everything you need to know... Bump every position up one letter grade to make up for the bitter wannabe expert factor as well... You guys are pathetic. Actually, just this particular "contributor". The others aren't nearly as negative as he is.
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  • 2/7/2008 2:09 PM Realist wrote:
    LOL @ what you call an analysis.
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    1. 2/7/2008 2:12 PM 17 wrote:
      Instead of a weak response, why don't you try your hand at rating this class.
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      1. 2/7/2008 3:23 PM Realist wrote:
        Overall grade B. I don't see failing to get a QB in this class as . DIssapointed that another reciever and another RB were not signed. I think the OL recruits are severely underated by know-nothings like yourself.

        LB's were great, Lynn was an excelent get, and LJ has shown he is an excellent gage of talent.
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        1. 2/7/2008 8:43 PM Anonymous wrote:
          Realist puts Jaypa's lincoln logs up his bum.
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          1. 2/8/2008 7:40 AM Anonymous wrote:
            LOL @ 17 resorting to this tactic after getting yet another beatdown. So pathetic.
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            1. 2/11/2008 12:44 PM 17 wrote:
              LOL, yes that was quite a beatdown I received. What tactic did I resort to?
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              1. 2/13/2008 8:37 AM Anonymous wrote:
                Still hurting I see....
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  • 2/7/2008 2:14 PM 17 wrote:
    On another note, this is exactly why it was insane for Joe Paterno to turn away Brod Green. Just an awful decision, then again it's just one of many that he has made lately. Time to give it up Joe.
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    1. 2/7/2008 8:41 PM Anonymous wrote:
      Joe needs to go sooner rather than later. Hopefully Spanier has the gonads to end this disaster ASAP and send the old man to the old folk's home.
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  • 2/7/2008 2:30 PM SweepTheLeg wrote:
    Wonder if Joe will reach out to the RB from USC that sent out feelers a few weeks ago? I think it was Broderick Greeen. Would be a major pick up.
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  • 2/7/2008 2:40 PM Tom McAndrew Kool Aid wrote:
    The idea that we are not doing well in recruiting is crazy. In the past three years, we have done an outstanding job of recruiting Vidal Hazelton's dad, Broderick Greens' dad, and Terrelle Pryors' dad.

    Nobody recruits great players' dads' like us.

    Sincerely, psuro, Bullerock, and lionjim.
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  • 2/7/2008 3:37 PM chembie wrote:
    Just more SJ bullshit.
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  • 2/7/2008 3:54 PM CvilleLion wrote:
    I may disagree with some of the grades and a few other opinions, but I agree with this one:

    "The uncertainty that exists at Penn State right now regarding the coaching situation is killing recruiting."
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  • 2/7/2008 4:20 PM 18 24 61 B 17 17 4 wrote:
    So Penn State has 14 guys signed... and you say they needed about 6-8 more at various positions... and they have 15-17 scholarships... and one is being held out for Pryor.

    It's hard to fill 6-8 slots with 0-2 scholarships.

    If you guys like Scout rankings and all that nonsense, note that they're based on points. No team with 14 commits (unless it's the top 14 players in the country) is going to be ranked highly. 11 teams had a higher average player rating on Scout. 11. If you prefer Rivals, it's 30, but it's still not a D class.

    I'm not giving the staff a pass because I agree they could have done better. They lost a few guys I think we all wanted. That said, f--- Shaw. If he wants do de-commit at the last minute that's fine, I'll be rooting for a career ending knee injury. However, the days of being entitled to a top 5 class for any team in the country are long over, and PSU did OK with 15 scholarships.

    QB: INC (I'm not holding my breath for Pryor but if he comes A, if not F)
    RB: C
    WR: C
    TE: A
    OL: B-
    DL: B-
    LB: A
    DB: B

    Call it a B-. We'll live.
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  • 2/7/2008 4:26 PM Cletus wrote:
    Dline you were a little tough. I agree that we should be able to attract 4/5 star guys, but have to give a little benefit of the doubt to LJ. The early offer to Massaro and Terry was a little headscratching, figure guys you slow play while going for bigger fish, only time will tell.

    DB - thought you were generous with a C. PSU needed 2 CB recruits and 1 safety and they only got 1 of them. The failure to even land a Plan B guy at CB gives this grade a D for lack of effort. Who is playing corner for PSU in 2009?

    WR - striking out on all top notch kids really hurt. Bell's lack of playing time you know is killing them with other coaches negative spin.

    RB - what is your opinion on why PSU can't get RB's anymore. 15 years ago, PSU recruited 3 of the Top 10 RBs in the country to PSU (Carter, Pitts, Archie) and JT Morris, the 4th RB recruit actually was the first to play. I think that Ganter was a much better RB recruiter than anybody gave him credit for.

    Oline - Needed 2 high end guys at Otackle and 3rd quality guy. Based on OSU/Michigan early interest, it seems as if Pannell is the 3rd quality guy type. PSU needed a no brainer ready to play from Day 1 guy here and didn't get it. Again, very strange how they really didn't go hard after multiple guys at this position considering depth chart needs.
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  • 2/7/2008 5:15 PM LameKing25 wrote:
    Way to go bro. We make a great tag team match, me and u. I wish Larry Johnson would consult u before he offers these losers.
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  • 2/7/2008 5:43 PM 83Nit wrote:
    I give your DL grade a " D - ". I don't recall Ogbu or Koroma having many stars, but they sure played a lot - - and well - - for first year players. PSU has also had success moving DL's to OL. Witness our starting interior OL. I'm willing to bet LJ has a better grasp on evaluating talent than you.

    As far as meeting needs, I suppose it could be argued this class is a " D ". We didn't get the RB's, WR's, CB's or QB we needed. I don't understand the " C " grade for the secondary, considering minimal effort was apparently expended by PSU recruiting here. If Bradley doesn't have some hidden gems that walked on ( like a Rich Gardner ) he should probably get a " D ". In fact, two of our fourteen recruits were brought in by Norwood, who left long before LOI Day. Too bad coaches can't be benched like players when they screw up..
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  • 2/7/2008 5:58 PM AIW-HS wrote:
    Pete Massaro wasn't even selected for the Big 33 game. That speaks volumes to me. PSU has never recruited a kid from PA who wasn't selected to the Big 33 game amount to anything more than a hill of beans.

    If he isn't considered one of the top players in PA by the coaches who saw him play how can we expect him to be a "stud" at PSU?
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    1. 2/7/2008 8:46 PM AMEN! wrote:
      Amen HS...but the kool aid klan likes him because he listens to Metallica. Wake me up when Paturdo is gone.
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      1. 2/8/2008 7:35 AM Anonymous wrote:
        Which mod are you? And you wonder why nobody takes this site seriously.
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  • 2/7/2008 6:51 PM Agenda wrote:
    This is why your site is not relevent. D for RBs? What the hell is Beachum? How about I give a report card for your site.

    Info D
    Relevency D
    Whinning A+
    Agenda F

    Overall D
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    1. 2/8/2008 1:16 AM conservativejoe wrote:
      We would like to thank Phil and all the other BWI sheeps for stoping by.
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    2. 2/8/2008 7:42 AM Realist wrote:
      Agenda - A+ for yourmost accurate review.
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      1. 2/13/2008 9:09 AM Buggers wrote:
        You smell like heinie, Realist.
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    3. 2/11/2008 9:34 AM Lasagne Mouth wrote:
      Word up. Beachum's gonna be a good one.
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  • 2/7/2008 7:21 PM TruthWillSetUFree wrote:
    Hey carlisle14, Why don't you stick to what you do best---Reading the thread titles off the TAP boards and try to pass them off as your "sources". Act like you konw something, but don't really say anything, ask other people to chime in like you did here

    Then come back the next day and scream "I TOLD YOU SO" like some mope when the story hits. you know, kind of like you did here
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  • 2/7/2008 10:13 PM Tommy MacAndrew's Caddy wrote:
    Hey now, wouldn't it be great if we recruited Zordich's dad, Suhey's dad, and Ganter's dad?

    We'd win it all!...again!
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  • 2/7/2008 10:31 PM blueband98 wrote:
    One of the absolute worst analysis of this years class I have read. Sure, there were some losses of key guys, Shaw and Walker specifically, but based on the number of scholarships and the needs for the class there are some quality players in here.

    Get your story straight about Farrell's and Ware's recruitment.

    Penn State just stocked up on their front 7 for the next five years. A top DE in next year's class will solidify that.

    A commitment from Pryor makes this year's class a solid class based on the schollies available. It could have been better, yes, but not a failure like you have preached.
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    1. 2/8/2008 1:21 AM conservativejoe wrote:
      So what about ware and Farrell did HS get wrong. Farrell had no major offers. His dad is a big contributor to PSU. And never by a recruit who says that he told people not to recruit him because he wanted to goto PSU.

      And Ware is spot on. He could be a beast but he is going to need to RS and get into div 1 football condition. And yes we missed out on a few DL we had rated higher.

      So where was he wrong? or do you have a tough time facing the truth. Can I get you another cup of koolaide before you reply.
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  • 2/8/2008 9:03 AM chuck wrote:
    OK, lets take a deep breath and 2 steps back.

    Those of you who know college football know that the following is true. It is easier to recruit good skill position players (except drop back Q than OL/DL. Talk to a coach of a second tier D1A team (U Buffalo, Temple). He will tell you that their WR, DBs can hang with a top tier D1A team (like PSU). But that their OL/DL/LB are not nearly as athletic, skilled, strong as the top tier D1A team. The simple fact is that there are more speedy small guys in the country than athletic big guys.


    Whats the bottom line?

    It is more important to recruit OL/DL/LB well than WR/DB/RB. QB is a special case. You will be able to fill in quality WR/DB/RB more easily than OL/DL/LB, either with preferred walkons (think DBut) or next years class.

    PSU has actually done quite well in recruiting OL/DL/LB the past several years.

    The D- grade offered for this year's DL makes no sense whatsoever. The initial poster contradicts him/herself. S/he says that PSU recruited a bunch of no talent projects, then says, with respect to talent evaluation "I will give Coach Larry Johnson the benefit of the doubt", then gives a D minus grade. Huh? Make up your mind, Skippy!!

    So calm down boys and girls. I just looked outside. Its a sunny day and the sky isn't falling.

    PS--If Broderick Green is truly interested in PSU, it wouldn't surprise me to see him here. Call it a hunch.
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